How to fix a laptop battery
How to fix a laptop battery / notebook is damaged? Previous to note that battery damage can be caused by many different things different ways of 

handling. Here we share are tips on how to cope with the drop that laptop batteries can not store electricity for a long time to refill manner.Defective laptop

batteries like these are often termed 'battery drop', just want to be charged but do not want full 100%. So the condition of the battery can still be charged, but only lasted a few minutes.Here's an example of how to repair / refill ACER ASPIRE laptop battery, laptop battery for long-lasting way to read here. The same method can be applied to other brands such as laptops: Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba etc be it a laptop / notebook and netbook batteries.

  • Unravel the packaging / case damaged laptop battery and battery cell network drop from case carefully.
  • Separate parallel series laptop battery so that we can check cell laptop batteries which need to be replaced / refilled. It's good of each cell in the given code for easy identification that has been dropped after checking.
  • Once separated, the way to find the laptop battery cell is damaged to repair, prepare AVO meter which had been set at volts, the voltage to measure the voltage of each cell laptop battery.
Brief understanding of battery laptop / netbook:
  • Cell batteries used in current laptop is a lithium type that can re-condition. Li-ion battery has a voltage / volt which under normal circumstances can be known to be in the range of 4.2V cut off charging (battery voltage after dicas full / full charge) until it wears out / discharging cut-off 3.0V (battery voltage is considered depleted).
  • Ampere is a unit of battery capacity. Ie the length of time it takes from the last cell laptop battery is fully charged (4.2V) until the battery runs out (3.0V) when given a constant 1A load. If the battery runs out in 2 hours, it can be assumed that owned 2000mAh capacity. (2A).

How to fix a laptop battery

Continue to check all the conditions cell battery, and replace faulty. Buy a new lithium battery cell li-ion battery that is damaged. Place to sell rechargable lithium battery cell for laptop refill can buy in the store electronics / electrical spare parts.
Article How to Overcome Drop Laptop Battery is a series from our previous article about "Damaged Laptop Batteries". Please read the related article for a better understanding of how to open the laptop battery and other information.

How to fix a laptop battery
                                                            Good Condition

How to fix a laptop battery

                                                          Bad Condition

In particular situsai if brand laptop / netbook we sell no battery, or the price is too expensive (several series laptop battery ori selling price could reach 800 thousand more) then fix the laptop battery will not be charged or drop it may be an option.
  •  Just info price per cell batteries are pretty well sold around 50 thousand (2000 mAh), there are up to 100 thousands for branded brands (Panasonic / Sharp / Sanyo / UltraFire) with a larger amperage 4000mAh.
  • Selling price of laptop-netbook battery brand original Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Compaq-HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba range of 600-800 thousands rely serial
  • The selling price of the battery of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand Acer, Advan, Apple, Asus, Toshiba, Compaq-Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba range of 400-500 thousands rely series. While the price of laptop batteries KW (china) may be cheaper.
How to fix a laptop battery refill lithium battery cell can be applied in the following conditions:
  • Laptop battery still can last a few minutes to save power or circuit board is not defective. How to determine the condition of the battery circuit board is still in good condition and not damaged is when we are to charge battery or at least still want to fill in the laptop will be visible indicator lights are lit. If the laptop battery is not detected at all, will not be charged or indicator light does not turn on the laptop battery is not able to be fixed by way of refill.
  • There is no warning sign red cross bottom right corner with the laptop says "Consider Replacing Your Battery" on os windows.
Because for the last two malfunction conditions, namely the problem of damage to the circuit board and laptop batteries are no different battery warning how to fix it. How to fix this simply refill the battery with cell laptop battery for ngedrop.