deep freeze standard
Download Deep Freeze Full Ver. Windows 10 Free. This is software made by Faronics (software company), which functions to freeze the partition on the hard disk (including the data and system on it) and make the frozen partition stay like that after the computer is restarted, even though previously there have been changes made by the user. the computer itself. If you need tight security on your computer, I recommend downloading this latest deep freeze.

So the way this Full Ver. free deep freeze works are to freeze all or part of the partition on your hard disk. Then if there are changes that occur to the frozen partition, for example, there is data that is deleted or you add, then this software will automatically restore the partition to its original state after restarting the computer. That way, you don't have to worry anymore that there are users who intentionally want to damage the integrity of the system on the computer. Do you want to try this software? Download the latest deep freeze full crack below.

deep freeze standard

Pros and Cons of Deep Freeze Windows 10

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Deep Freeze application? Here's the answer.

1.    Pros of Deep Freeze

  • This application helps in preventing the virus when it has started to attack the computer system. Later, the system will automatically restart so that the condition of your computer returns to its initial state.
  • Deep Freeze is an application that fits installed on a computer or laptop that is used by many people. One of them is a computer cafe that is likely to be infected with a virus. That way, the computer will always be maintained and not infected with a virus.
  • If you accidentally make system changes or computer settings, you just have to restart it and the settings will not be saved.
  • Save costs and time because you don't need to do maintenance.

2.    Disadvantages of Deep Freeze

  • The Deep Freeze application has a login system. As a result, when you forget your password, the only thing you have to do is reinstall it.
  • If the Deep Freeze condition is on or ON while you save the document, then the document cannot be saved. Therefore, you must turn it off first.
  • The recovery settings will not be active if Deep Freeze is active.
  • Using the Deep Freeze application for a long time can cause computer performance to decrease.

Download the Latest Deep Freeze for Windows 10

In addition, Deep Freeze was found to be effective for removing viruses. So, when your computer or laptop is exposed to a very large number of viruses that cause problems with the operating system, you just have to restart your computer. After restarting, the virus will automatically disappear and your computer or laptop is in its original state before being infected with the virus.

Thus the information we can provide about the Deep Freeze application. In conclusion, this application is useful for protecting computers from viruses. However, we recommend that you install this application when the computer is indeed used by many people and is prone to virus infection. Download the latest and free Deep Freeze for Windows via the link below:

How To Install deep freeze standard 8.63: 

Simple uninstall, first the condition of the pc is not frozen (must unfreeze first!!) and any changes must be restarted first. If this has been done please open the deep freeze setup application later on the application has an uninstall option and if it's been uninstalled, don't forget to restart the PC.


Before installing deep freeze, it's best if all Close the application first, after the installation is complete deep freeze, deep freeze will restart automatically on PC.

1. Install Deep Freeze Standard version 8.x 

2. Go to the system tray (taskbar) bottom right corner Right-click the deep freezer icon then press OK > Select 'Boot Thawed' > click Apply and Reboot 

3. Go to the installation folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Faronics\Deep Freeze\Install C-0\ and rename 'DFServ.exe' to 'DFServ1.exe' then restart again! 

4. Run 'Patch' press the Patch button. 

5. Go to the installation folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Faronics\Deep Freeze\Install C-0\ and rename 'DFServ1.exe' to 'DFServ.exe' then restart again! 

6. Go to the system tray (taskbar) bottom right corner Right-click the deep freezer icon then press OK 

7. Deep Freeze license key 'Full' and 'Never Expires' In 'Boot Control' select 'Boot Frozen' Go to Password tab then fill in your new password click 'Apply and Reboot' 

8. Done!. Note: C:\Program Files (x86) <= OS 64 bit C:\Program Files <= OS 32 bit Turn off your antivirus first when activating Deep Freeze and reactivate your Antivirus during the activation process finished. Because this patch is detected by antivirus but calm down This friend is 100% safe, there is no virus.

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