EaseUS Todo Backup

Backup is an obligation for every computer user. Even if you don't have any important files, you should still back up your system. With these backups, various problems on the system can be solved simply by doing a restore. To do a backup is not difficult. EASEUS Todo Backup is specially made to handle backups so the process can run automatically.

Besides being able to back up files and systems, EASEUS Todo Backup can also back up emails stored in Microsoft Outlook. SSD and HDD cloning can be handled easily by this software.

Features of EASEUS Todo Backup Free

EASEUS Todo Backup allows backups to be performed automatically by creating a backup schedule that can be run repeatedly or only once. Backups can be done by incremental, differential or full methods.

The three methods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. In essence, a full backup takes the longest to do a backup and the file size is the largest, but data recovery is the fastest. While the fastest in doing backups is the incremental method but the data recovery takes the longest. If you want a speed that is balanced between the speed of backup and recovery, then differential is the method that can best fulfill your wishes.

You can set the backup activity to run regularly every day, week or month. In one day, backups can be performed several times in the time interval you set, for example every noon at 12 o'clock and every midnight. You can also schedule backups that take place once or several times a week.

Another option available is to perform backups automatically every time the computer is turned off, every time a user logs on or logs off, or every time a USB drive is connected to the computer.

EASEUS Todo Backup can still perform backups even if your computer is in sleep mode. If the computer does not turn on when the backup is supposed to take place, EASEUS Todo Backup will run the backup automatically at startup.

Easeus Todo Backup 2022

Easeus Todo Backup 2022

Easeus Todo Backup 2022 License Key

To minimize the size of the backup file, you can limit the number of backups. Each backup can also be compressed with a compression level which is divided into Normal, Fast and High. Level High offers the highest level of compression but the backup process will take longer than usual. You can also protect backups with a password if the files you are backing up include sensitive files that no one should know.

Everything you need from a backup software is provided by EASEUS Todo Backup, including the notification feature via email. Even if you are out of the house, you can still find out whether the backup was successful or failed. With all the backup features it has, you will never forget to do a backup. Download the latest and free EASEUS Todo Backup via the link below:

Download EaseUS Todo Backup terbaru | Mediafire

Download EaseUS Todo Backup terbaru | Solidfiles

How to instasll:

  • Download, then must Extract the file!! With Winrar
  • Then install it in the following way doubleClick " Silent install.cmd " . select yes, a black cmd will appear, wait for it to finish
  • Run Auslogic via shortcut on desktop
  • Enjoy fully