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Today, the world of cinema has developed much better than it was ten years ago. The resulting video quality looks clearer, coupled with lighting and so on. Even videos that require subtitles can now be found easily. So, anyone can enjoy the film without being hindered by the absence of subtitles.

However, not all video formats are compatible with the computer device used. This is what makes us have to convert so that the video format fits the computer so that the video we have can be seen. Don't worry, for computer users with Windows operating systems, you can download Xilisoft Video Converter software to convert the video in a very practical and easy way.

Xilisoft Video Converter Review

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

You can download this Xilisoft Video Converter software for free through their official website. The following are some of the functions of Xilisoft Video Converter software that you must know.

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate Full as well as audio.

There are several video formats that can be converted by Xilisoft Video Converter software, including WMV, AVI, MP4, AVC, MP3, WMA, 3GP, FLV, MP2, and many more.

  • Cut and increase the duration in a video.
  • Split the audio contained in a video.

In other words, the existing audio is separated into two different formats.

Reduce audio size with MP3 format.

If you feel that the audio size is too large, then you can perform audio conversion in this versatile software.

In order for this software to run properly, you must first register to create a username. You can see the procedure for registering through the official website of this software.

If you have registered, then you can automatically convert video or audio by clicking on the file section then add file and choose the desired video format, such as AVI and so on. After all these steps are done, the conversion process can begin.

Download Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 8.25  ( Mediafire )

Download Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 8.25  ( Solidfiles )

You also need to know, this software can also be used to convert several files at once in one process. Very practical, right? If the conversion process has been completed, then you can click the open section to see the converted video. This software will be very suitable when used for beginners because the method is practical, easy, and also fast.

With the many uses of this software, it is not surprising that many people choose to use it on their computer devices. Moreover, because of the small size of the Xilisoft Video Converter. Download the latest and free Xilisoft Video Converter via the link below:

Install Step:

  • Download, then Extract, Mandatory !!
  • then the steps to install it
  • Doubleclick "Silent Install EN", select yes (if any)
  • then a black command prompt will appear, wait for it to close itself
  • please run the software from the start menu or desktop shortcut
  • done