GIMP Pro 2.10.32
GIMP Pro 2.10.32
When it was first launched, the GNU Image Manipulation Program was immediately provided with a free license alias public, which means you can download and use it for free without having to pay for any license. GIMP Features and Uses Download the Latest GIMP GIMP View Previously, the GNU Image Manipulation Program was only available on unix or linux operating systems, but over time the GNU Image Manipulation Program has finally been ported to run on op3rating sistems other than Linux, such as Windows and Mac. Some of the excellent features offered by the GNU Image Manipulation Program are as follows:

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1. Feature Program for Coloring By using the GNU Image Manipulation Program, you can process the coloring function on the images that you have prepared, this feature will certainly be very useful for those of you who like to paint, either painting natural landscapes, or making Japanese comics or manga. Given the application program GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free program unlike adobe photoshop.

2. Quality Photo Editor Program Just like with the Adobe Photoshop application program, you can also use the GNU Image Manipulation Program to edit and edit photos with quality that is not inferior to the Adobe Photoshop application program. Some of its features are also very friendly and easy for you to recognize if you are familiar with the Photoshop application program.

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3. Image format switching By using the GNU Image Manipulation Program application program you can make changes to the format of an image, considering that not all images need the .jpg extension, but some require you to attach an image with the .png extension. Therefore you can use the GNU Image Manipulation Program application program to change the extension of an image or photo. The process of switching this extension also does not take a long time and is very easy, just like using the Photoshop application program.

Main features Of Gimp Pro Software:

  • Digital retouching of images
  • Improve image quality
  • Support for popular formats
  • Modern user interface
  • Provide attractive plugins
  • open source

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